Are you considering orthodontic treatment to improve the looks and function of your teeth?

Braces have been around for ages – with the first set of legitimate braces believed to have been constructed in 1782 using strings to connect the bracket components (which were typically made of 14 or 18 karat gold). A whopping 235 years ago! Even Hippocrates and Aristotle showed interest in dental care specifically focused on straightening teeth and correcting over and under bites. That means you surely are not alone on this orthodontic journey. Check out some other cool facts and history tid bits that we bet you didn’t know about braces below:

  • Orthodontic care dates all the way back to Ancient times. Before braces came about in the late 1700s, Ancient Egyptians were striving for perfect smiles. Archaeologists have discovered mummified remains in tombs that show traces of catgut strung in the teeth, which they believe was used to attempt to close gaps in teeth.
  • NASA revolutionized braces in the 20th century, but Invisalign changed up the orthodontic game in the 21st century. NASA introduced heat-activated nickel-titanium alloy wires that gave a more gentle approach to braces by allowing braces to be worn for longer timeframes than the then-popular stainless steel wires. Now, many people opt for Invisalign braces which use wireless plastic aligners to guide the teeth in to the desired position.
  • All orthodontists are dentists, but only 6% of dentists are certified orthodontists.
  • Don’t believe the rumors. Braces are not magnetic and won’t do extreme things like set off metal detectors or increase your odds of being struck by lightning. Most of them are constructed from metal alloys, which do not have magnetic properties.
  • The data proves you are not alone! Current statistics suggest that approximately 4 million U.S. children, teens and adults currently have some form of orthodontic care. This includes braces, retainers, expanders, and Invisalign.
  • Even some of your favorite celebrities and athletes have rocked braces in their lifetime. People like Cristiano Ronaldo, Gwen Stefani, Tom Cruise, Faith Hill, and Venus Williams all looked to braces to give them a million dollar smile.
  • You’re never too old to get braces. It is becoming more and more common for adults to seek orthodontic care to correct the aspects of their dental structure that may be bothersome. Though the most common age range for getting braces is 11-13 years of age, the oldest person currently known to have worn braces is 83 years old! It’s never too late to take control of your teeth.
  • If you kiss someone else with braces, your braces could get stuck together. False. Modern day braces are much more sleek than they used to be – making it nearly impossible for you and your mate’s braces to get intertwined.
  • Braces won’t interfere with your ability to play sports, contrary to popular belief. Wear a mouthguard and you will be good to go! (Remember, even famous athletes have worn braces!)

See! Braces are not as intimidating as they may seem. Many people have worn braces for many years, and most of the scary tales you have heard about braces and orthodontic care are only myths.

Are you in the Brooklyn area and thinking about starting your orthodontic transformation? Contact Dr. Polina Ingberman at Brace Central today to get on your way to a perfect smile!

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