Got Braces? Steer Clear of These Bothersome Foods

You have finally gotten the braces you need to improve your appearance and remedy any dental issues you may have. You can carry on about your life just as you normally would prior to getting braces – just avoid a few pesky foods and you’ll be in the clear.

  • Avoid this movie theater snack, as the shells of the kernels can get lodged in your braces and cause plaque to build up.
  • Sticky Candy. Any type of gummy and chewy candy is a no-go. Sticky candies – like jelly beans and caramel – can get mushed into the hard-to-reach crevices of your braces and secretly cause cavities to form.
  • Corn chips. Any type of hard shell tacos – or chips and salsa at the Mexican restaurant – may not be your best bet. The little pieces of the chips can break off and become stuck in the brackets of your braces – or in your gums. This can cause irritation and potentially start contributing to bad breath. If the chips happen to be thin cut, then you may be able to get away without any issues.
  • Hard candy. Actually, any sort of hard items. Ice, cookies or crackers that are hard can cause braces to crack or shift slightly, which may derail your orthodontic plan.
  • Along the same lines as sticky candy – gum can get stuck in the trickier places to reach and creates an environment prone to cavities.

The foods you should avoid while wearing braces are not that extensive, so the chance of your all-time favorite snack being on this list is slim. Just make sure that you choose your food wisely in order to prevent the need to go back to Dr. Polina Ingberman frequently for repairs to your damaged braces. In time, you will see and reap the benefits of sticking to a brace-friendly diet, and your treatment will progress faster, giving you better looking teeth in no time.

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