Orthodontic problems that are left untreated can lead to more serious medical complications and orthodontic treatment costs in the future. Two such orthodontic problems that have this potential are impacted or missing teeth.

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Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth occur when your teeth do not grow into your mouth in proper positioning. Impacted teeth are usually caused by an improperly placed tooth bud, an early loss of primary teeth, or the crowding of teeth. While wisdom teeth are the teeth most commonly affected, canine and premolars can also become impacted.

If left untreated, impacted teeth can:

  • Affect the alignment of your teeth
  • Damage the root structure of nearby teeth
  • Form spaces between teeth
  • Interfere with the sinus cavity

Because these possible consequences are so severe, it’s important to have any teeth that are impacted treated as soon as possible.

Missing Teeth

Losing teeth is part of the natural human process of development. But when permanent teeth are lost or simply never grow in, you’re presented with what could end up being a serious problem. Missing teeth can be caused by either trauma or a lack of development. While a missing tooth might not immediately cause any orthodontic problems, it can lead to them if left untreated.

Some orthodontic complications that can be caused by missing teeth include:

  • Asymmetrical alignment
  • Improper functioning
  • Wear down the teeth prematurely
  • A less aesthetically appealing smile

Because the possibility of consequences is likely, it’s important to have your missing tooth treated sooner rather than later.

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